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Grand Tour Presenter Richard Hammond Has Broken Another Car While Filming Recent Video

A recent DriveTribe video has revealed that Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond has broken yet another car in his motoring career.

The ex-Top Gear presenter is known to be a hazard behind the wheel with him being involved in countless crashes throughout his television career, including a crash that left him with brain damage in 2006. Now, according to DriveTribe’s Mike Fernie, the presenter damaged the BMW M5 they’ve been featuring on the company’s YouTube channel in a recent video where he raced a pro golfer.

“A few weeks ago we filmed what was our favorite video so far this year. It was Richard Hammond in the DriveTribe M5 five against a pro golfer,” Fernie tells the camera.

“and I’m not joking, within a minute of driving it, he broke it.

“From that one day of filming, we ended up with three warning lights.”

He goes on to explain that while Hammond was driving the car, it suffered from overheating, which caused the check engine light to illuminate. He adds that on top of this, Ben Collins – The Stig – also bent a number of the wheels while driving it in another video, meaning they needed to be repaired, as well.

During the video posted to the DriveTribe YouTube channel, the team goes about making these repairs, including all-new radiators and an alloy wheel refurb.

Watch the full video here:

Alex Harrington

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