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Hennessey Reveals Plans For 2021 Ford Bronco

We’re very excited at Grand Tour Nation by the 2021 Ford Bronco and we can’t wait until it’s July 13th reveal date.. Thankfully we’re not the only ones it seems, as Hennessey Performance have already announced their plans to modify the Bronco into an extreme off roader.

In terms of after market accessories, the Texas based tuning company will offer a variety of accessories to improve your beloved Bronco’s performance and ability off road. Included are upgrades to the intercooler system, suspension, stainless steel exhaust, a high flow air induction system and larger off road wheels. While unannounced, it is probable the Hennessey will also offer a performance upgrade for the Bronco as they already offer 750 hp versions of the Ford F-150.

It is unlikely that Hennessey will be offering these upgrades at launch, but even so, we’ll be waiting a while as it’s looking like the Bronco’s earliest release date will be in April 2021, with purchases being available from December.

We’ll have to wait until the reveal later this month for more information on pricing and for confirmation on engine options. It is believed the Bronco will come in two specifications including an entry level 2.3 litre V6 as well as a more powerful 3 litre V6.

Earlier today, Ford revealed a teaser for the new Bronco via the cars official Instagram page. The posts take up the whole of the page, with a teaser image showing the sides of the new bronco in comparison to the original Bronco. Above is a silhouette of the front grill of the 2021 model, including a teaser video, which sadly doesn’t give much away:

We can’t wait to see what Hennessey does with the Bronco and we also can’t wait for the July 13th reveal date. Stay tuned to Grand Tour Nation for all things Bronco.

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