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Here Are Some (Not So) Affordable Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts – From A Tank To Full Race Track

Here is a list of some of the most extravagant gifts you could give a car enthusiast this Christmas, so long as you have money to burn. From complete tool kits to actual tanks, this is everything a gear head could (unrealistically) wants from this coming Christmas day.

Complete Snap-On Tool Set – £30,950

First of all, the car enthusiast is going to need the relevant tools. Why not go for the full lot with this set from Snap-On which should have everything you could ever need, for a whopping £30,950.20. From hammers and prybars to wire brushes and socket sets, it has EVERYTHING you need to pull your car apart and put it back together again. The only thing it doesn’t include is storage… Moving on…

EPIQ Series Stainless Steel Top Roll Cab Storage – £30,726.00

As a car enthusiast, you’re going to need somewhere to store your huge amount of tools now you have pretty much everything under the sun. So why not add in the 120″ 20-Drawer Triple-Bank EPIQ Series Stainless Steel Top Roll Cab with ECKO Remote Lock, for £30,726.00. This is a huge amount of money, but you do get all these features, and how can you say no??

• Stainless steel top: constructed from high grade, 16-gauge 304 stainless steel

• Raised front lip keeps sockets and parts from rolling off

• Super Cab Drawer System: Three extra wide drawers at the top of the roll cab provide access to most often used tools

• EPIQ™ Strength: Designed with more load capacity—features a combination of our traditional corner gussets and standing seam construction with additional top, bottom and side support to create our strongest roll cab design

• InPulse™ Drawer Action: Flush finish drawers with uncompromising strength don’t drift open and are easier to open and close

• ISO-Ride+™ swivel lock mag wheels with compression puck suspension for a smooth ride over rough surfaces

• Remote lock system is factory installed and includes two key fobs and two regular keys

• Tool box makes audio sounds when key fob is used—one beep unit is locked and two beeps unit is unlocked

• Key fob can be paired to multiple tool storage units

• Unit must be plugged in and requires a standard 110 V outlet

• Key fob is powered by a standard key fob battery (CR2032)

• Range is up to 75 feet unobstructed

Atlas ATP9 Two Post Lift – $3,000

It’s very difficult to work on a car when it’s not in the air, so hop down to your local internet browser and pick up an Atlas ATP9 Two Post Lift.

This is what has to say about it:

Building on its reputation for typically rugged Atlas build quality combined with a great price tag, the ATP9 has been designed in Europe with European vehicles in mind. With a 4 tonne lifting capacity, 3-stage arms all-round and electric locks means the European-version of an American classic doesn’t fall short on features.

RIPSAW F4 by Howe and Howe – £300,000

This is all on the proviso that you already have a car. But if not, why not embrace your inner Richard Hammond and go for a Ripsaw Tank, it will only set you back around £300,000 and gives you the ultimate freedom to, you know, ruin some shopping centres. Or, if you’re not a fan of the Hamster, you could always Fast and Furious the hell out of it and take on a submarine instead?

This is what the company behind this contraption has to say:

Built for extreme off-road enthusiasts, the RIPSAW F4 has the power to take you where you want to go. The F4 is engineered as an all-terrain vehicle with high-speed mobility. Its heavy-duty rubber tracks allow the vehicle to tackle sharp slopes and loose terrains with ease. The RIPSAW F4 has 4-passenger carrying capacity so that you can share the excitement. Simply enter through the gull wing doors and buckle those seatbelts for the ride of your life!

Summit Garage – $8,616

You have the tools, you have the storage, and you have the car… now you need somewhere to put it all. So why not a 24’W x 24’L x 8’H Summit garage from In reality, this seems cheap compared to the aforementioned goodies so go on, live a little bit. This is what the company says about its product:

Summit Series DIY garage kit features vertical sheet metal roof and siding panels for a consistent look.

Roof purlins and side girts are included for all-around vertical sheet metal application. The required side girt components in the Summit design result in a more substantial building frame. And assembly time is drastically reduced with our patented Slip-Fit frame connections.

Your very own Race Track and Property – $1,500,000

It can sometimes be a slog catching up with long lost family members over Christmas when all you want to do is have some time to yourself after a proper Christmas lunch. So why not buy this race track so you can drift, race, and cause mayhem to your heart’s content. This one we’ve found even comes with a house. It doesn’t get better than that.

The advert on for the property and track has listed it for $1,500,000, and reads:

Hot new Midwest Drift Racing Complex on 40 acres located midway between DFW and Oklahoma City! 40 Acres with no development or use restrictions. The meticulously maintained home will wrap you in country charm, welcoming you with the separate cedar lined drive, it’s wrap around covered porch, spacious living areas, huge open kitchen with tons of cabinet space, separate sunroom for relaxing. The Racetrack is only one year old, 9/10 of mile long and 30 feet wide asphalt. 2 huge parking areas that can easily accommodate long trailer combos and 4 entrances off of HWY 31. Tire shop with 2 tire machines and high output compressor, water meter and spigot near the track, Shade pavilions, and complete frames for more on site, Covered storage for 9 commercial go-carts with low hours. The large 30×50 shop has power, full bathroom, two roll up doors. The pond is stocked, lots of wildlife, and Pecan orchard. The possibilities are endless, no zoning or noise ordinances, room to build a drag strip, mud bog, you name it! The track is consistently rented and enjoyed by grip racing and autocross groups as well. This famous drift track is even on the video game Asseto Corsa! There is a lot of equipment and merchandise that go with the facility, details on request. Don’t wait on this one!!!

Okay, I think you’re pretty much sorted. But what would you daily…?

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