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Here’s The Aventador Performante Before You’re Before You’re Supposed To See It

Lamborghini recently released a very, very hot version of the Huracan called the Performante with a big wing and lots of aero and 640 horsepower. It was actually even faster than the current Aventador around the Nurburgring. Naturally, Lamborghini couldn’t let that stand, and rumors have been swirling ever since that they’re working on an even spicier version of the Aventador that’ll quell any infighting, which may dilute Lamborghini’s precious image. Wouldn’t want Lambo to turn into GM, now would we?

CarScoops recently spotted not one, but two new Aventador prototypes testing out in public, both assumed to be Aventador Performante mules. The big tell is around back – the Huracan Performante’s most defining feature, besides that massive wing, was that the exhaust now exits from two round pipes between the taillights.

Each of these cars look mostly like a regular Aventador S, but you can see that the two new exhaust pipes are quite sloppily obscured by black cladding in a vain effort to hide the Performante’s big giveaway from enterprising photographers. This white car looks like it might even be a Roadster, given that the topless Aventador always has black targa roof panels, regardless of the color of the rest of the car (the black one could be too, but it’s much harder to tell.)

If the rumors are true, the Aventador Performante might actually slot below the Aventador SV, given the latter’s more aggressive aero and sharper visual appearance. The Performante appears to be less aesthetically dramatic, which in Lambo-land usually equates to slower and less cool. But even so, nobody’s complaining if they want to make a new car.

Oh, and one great thing to note: they even thought taking the badge off would fool us. Nice try, Italians.

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