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Here’s Half An Hour Of Jaw Dropping Forza 7 Gameplay

Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport series has always been at the vanguard of what’s possible in a console racing game, finding the ideal mix between race cars and road cars, simulation-level physics and easily-grasped gameplay. It’s also always pushed whatever Xbox is out at the time to its limits, and Forza 7 is no exception. It looks insane.

This footage was captured by gaming website Polygon, and it’s running on the cream-of-the-crop Xbox One X (these names sure aren’t getting confusing). It’s capable of running at 4K resolution (four times the pixels of regular 1080p) with HDR, leading to graphics sharper than a Lamborghini’s door handles.

So far, Turn 10 has announced that Forza 7 will feature an absolutely astronomical 700+ cars in total, wiping the floor with Forza 6’s 450. It’s set to release on October 3rd, but those wanting to wring ever last bit of performance out of their Xbox One X will have to wait until November 7th.

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