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Here’s What A Modern Hummer Would Look Like

Its been a long fourteen years since the infamous Hummer H1 went out of production. The H1 was an immensely popular addition to the GM range and cemented their reputation as an off road brand contender.

Hummer is now set to make a return with their brand new fully electric hummer. While the vehicle has been announced, we still don’t have any real information on how it will look as you can see from this teaser video:

With the Hummer set to return, automotive designer Samir Sadikhov, who’s resume boasts the likes of Lamborghini and Genesis and has shown us his vision for what the new Hummer should look like.

Starting at the front of the vehicle, Sadikhov has added a fantastic looking seven-slot grill with rounded headlights and circular LED daytime running lights. Other front exterior additions include a clamshell hood and a more modern indicator system.

Other new additions include cameras replacing the side mirrors and the side of the vehicle has been modernised while keeping the essence of the original Hummer. As well as this, the renderings also show us a quad sunroof as well a rear hard top which can be removed.

It will be interesting to see when Hummer actually shows us the brand new vehicle, how it will relate to Samir Sadikhov’s interpretation but if its anything like this, we’ll be very happy indeed!

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