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Hertz Has 200 Customers Allegedly Wrongly Jailed After False Theft Charges

Customers of Hertz have come forward, revealing that they’ve been accused of stealing cars from the rental car company.

191 claims have been filed in court after a large number of customers were falsely arrested after Hertz reported that they’d stolen cars. Carrie Gibbs, one of the falsely accused, was placed into custody in 2019 at a gas station in California. At the time, she was driving a rental truck from Hertz.

This truck had come from an insurance company after Gibbs was involved in an accident, but despite this, she was arrested and charged with felony car theft. She was later sent to jail, and while this case was later dismissed, she lost her real estate license for a full year.

Another claimant, a NASA employee, was driving a rental SUV from Hertz when he was held at gunpoint by the police after the car rental company had claimed he’d stolen it. He was later arrested.

Another customer, Carmen Bosko, rented a car from January to April, but was arrested in August for car theft which resulted in 40 days in prison. Steven Robinsold was also arrested in June and is being prosecuted for felony despite not even renting a car from Hertz in the first place.

“I mean, this was the worst experience ever in my life,” Robinsold told the press. “And I can’t believe that Hertz and it was a good slogan I heard, but Hertz really hurts people. Their negligent practices is like, it’s terrible.”

More people are stepping forward to join the class action lawsuit, which has been led by trial lawyer Francis Alexander Malofiy. Based on days spent in jail, days of prosecution, reputation damage, expungement, and credit repair, he and his clients want $530 million in compensation.

Hertz can’t find their cars. They can’t fix their broken computer systems,” Malofiy told News 4 Nashville. “They cannot address their standard operating procedures they should follow and they’re breaking other ones. And it’s leading to a horrible result where droves of people are coming forward because they’re being falsely arrested, jailed or prosecuted by Hertz. And it needs to stop.”

Hertz has declined to comment on specific circumstances and has resubmitted the same statement it made in early November. See the following:

“Hertz cares deeply about our customers, and we successfully provide rental vehicles for tens of millions of travelers each year. Unfortunately, in the legal matters being discussed, the attorneys have a track record of making baseless claims that blatantly misrepresent the facts. The vast majority of these cases involve renters who were many weeks or even months overdue returning vehicles and who stopped communicating with us well beyond the scheduled due date. Situations where vehicles are reported to the authorities are very rare and happen only after exhaustive attempts to reach the customer.”

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  1. well hertz filed a fraudulent report on me claiming i stole their vehicle on april 04,2016….the vehicle was in their possession since oct.2015….they were paid in full!!!..thats almost 6 mos later..gofigure….this can be proven

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