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How Do The Police Chase Down Supercars In Abu Dhabi?

Frequent Viewers of old Top Gear and The Grand Tour know it already: Abu Dhabi is one of the cities with the most supercars in the world. However, this high rate of fast potential perpetrators poses a problem for local law enforcement. Or does it? Well, see for yourself.

Abu Dhabi Police Department On The Chase

A video recently published on facebook shows how the Abu Dhabi Police Department (ADPD) chases a Ferrari. Although it constitutes a dramatization, it offers a pretty decent view on how the ADPD hunts down wanted offenders:

First of all, you see them using modern facial recognition software to identify the suspect. Afterwards, a chase between the police and the Ferrari commences, with members of the ADPD controlling the traffic system and setting up road blocks.

Furthermore, the ADPD lures the Ferrari on the highway engaging in a high speed chase with a Nissan GTR following the Ferrari. In the end, the Ferrari gets stopped by a road block and heavily armed policemen arrest the perpetrator.

What do you think? Should all police cars be equipped to allow them chases like this? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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