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Hyundai’s Wild 45 And Prophecy Concepts Heading To Production

Hyundai’s show-stealing EV concepts from the past year, the 45 and Prophecy, may not share much in terms of looks of aesthetic vision, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the future of the brand’s lineup. In a recent interview with Auto Express, Hyundai’s Head of Design, SangYup Lee said both would see production.

Our cars will be more like a chess board where you have a King, Queen, Bishop, Knight. They all look different and function differently but when they’re together they come as one team.This is what the Hyundai look is all about – diversifying our design to fulfill our customer’s lifestyle.

One of the main advantages of EVs, that several manufacturers are utilizing, is the ability to develop a “skateboard” architecture. Hyundai calls theirs the E-GMP system, and due to this underlying mechanical structure, the two models will have more in common than meets the eye. Although, speaking of eyes, Lee also says their lineup will share similar headlights in the future.

A lot can be said for the futuristic looks of the two models; how the Prophecy looks like a sleek spy car from a Pixar movie, or the 45 looks like its rims could start cyclones. On the other hand, not much is known about the performance specs they will be getting. We can only assume they will be sufficiently powered and ranged to match their oodles of charisma.

The 45 should be released first, in late 2020, and the Prophecy in 2021. That is, if nothing stalls production.

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