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Incredibly Rare Lancia Stratos up For Auction – Expected to Sell for $1 Million

Lancia was the first manufacturer to build a car just to compete in rallying, and for that reason alone we love the Stratos and its iconic paint job. It had a short wheelbase to increase its agility and a 2.4-litre V6 from the Ferrari Dino allowed it to win several Word Rally Championships from ’74 to ’76. It was legendary, and it’s only right that this brilliant car was brought into the modern age. 

Only 25 of these 2009/2019 MAT New Stratos Coupes were built by Chris Hrabalek who managed to purchase the Stratos name and finally release their initial model at the 2005 Geneva Show. Later on, with Pininfarina showing interest, the final car used the underpinnings of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

This specific car is now for sale. Originally an F430 Scuderia with only 18,750 miles on the clock, it underwent its transition to a Stratos in March of 2019. Sat behind the driver is a 4.3-litre V8 producing 540 hp. That’s 37 more than the stock Ferrari, and with the new body panels, it weighs 110lbs less. 

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this is a fully documented, legal conversion with all the paperwork in order, and because of this, is an extremely rare example that you’d be silly not to at least appreciate, or even buy if you have the cash. Ah yes, cash. It’s going up for auction on the Bonham’s website and is expected to sell for around $1,000,000. Pricey.

Alex Harrington

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