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Inventor Builds A Car Battery With A Range Of 1,500 Miles And Gains Investors

Electric car sales are constantly increasing, but there is one main factor holding potential buyers back from taking the leap into the world of batteries and motors: Range.

Former Royal Navy officer, Trevor Jackson, has invented a battery that could change this, and massively affect the electric car industry. Suddenly electric cars have left from an idea with potential, to a promised future.

His battery lasts for 1,500 miles, four times the current top model, and enough to put combustion engines out of work forever. But what backing has he got to actually produce these in the real world? Well, he’s just signed a multi-million pound deal with Essex based engineering firm Austin Electric who will be mass producing these within the UK.

The company’s chief executive, Danny Corcoran, told Daily Mail: “It can help trigger the next industrial revolution. The advantages over traditional electric vehicle batteries are enormous.”

Acording to Jackson, his company Metalectrique Ltd has been sitting on this idea for almost a decade, and not able to push the battery to potential investors because of the industry landscape. But with it rapidly changing, now is the time.

As well as the Austin deal, he’s gained another £108,000 ($140,237) grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre, a partner of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

“It has been a tough battle but I’m finally making progress. From every logical standpoint, this is the way to go,” he says.

The battery works using a new form of electrolyte with a metal of low purity and made from recycled items such as cans. A formula, which is the key to making it work, will obviously be kept top secret.

With a range of up to 1,500 miles, this batter (or really fuel cell) could change the world as we know it. Welcome to the next level of electric propulsion, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. He should get a job for Samsung. Would be nice to get 2 days out of 1 charge on my note 10.

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