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Is It Time To Purchase An Electric Car?

Maybe you started thinking about it, maybe you heard something on the radio, maybe you saw an electric car at a traffic light and wondered if it could suit you, if you could really save on expenses. Maybe you are considering joining the growing number of electric vehicle owners but are still apprehensive and undecided. If so, here are some points to consider with yourself or find out before you decide. If you need an upgrade, you should first consider the best family cars. However, you should also look at the option of…electric.

Let us begin by saying that we fully understand the dilemma. There are quite a few reasons – some real, some due to lack of knowledge – that provoke opposition and fear. Will the car be as efficient or as fast? How long does the electric power last? All these make things seem a little trickier for our minds. Undoubtedly, the electric car market is still in its infancy and is currently under the radar. This is all true. At the same time, there are enough encouraging signs that the conditions are ripe. The number of electric vehicles will increase in the coming years and will also lead to a significant improvement in infrastructure and legislation. And yet, like any adoption of a new technology, it is a transition that definitely requires examination, thought and examination of your lifestyle. To help with deliberation, here are some questions you should ask yourself and the importer before deciding if it is right for you or not:

Rechargeable hybrid vehicle or 100% electric?

The first decision you need to make is whether you want an electric or hybrid vehicle. Although there are people who use these two terms as if they were synonymous, these are two different types of vehicles, with different capabilities and different technology. Cars that are 100% electric (Electric Vehicle or EV for short) do not use any other energy. In contrast, hybrid cars combine a gasoline engine with a rechargeable battery.And to complicate matters a bit more, there are two types of hybrid cars: “regular” hybrids (ie without external charging, which we will not refer to here) and what is called in pure Hebrew plug-in hybrids (in English it does not sound much better: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Or PHEV for short).

When we were debating between electriccity and fuel in early 2014 there were already quite a few hybrid vehicles on the roads, but not of the type claimed. And maybe it’s for the better. Perhaps, if the possibility were before us, we would go for it and not for the pure electric. Like any “both and both” there is something seductive about the loaded hybrids. Even less spending on fuel, even greener and without range anxiety. So why not consider looking at your new family car and enjoying the very real appeal of a new electric vehicle. Once you have the facts, it’s difficult to turn it down, and afterall, electric is the future. 

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