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Is the World Ready For This Nissan GT-R Wagon?

Allow me to begin by saying that Nissan has not said that they are working on a station wagon model of the GT-R.  They have also not leaked the name of this car as the WAG-R.  They have not humble-bragged about the volumes of cubic feet available as cargo room on the interior of this track-ready grocery getter. They haven’t posted 0-60 times under 4 seconds. This is just a beautiful, yet fanciful, render of what the world does not have, but deserves, by Rain Prisk.

Godzilla, as the GT-R is known, is Nissan’s beast.  The car that injures necks and breaks physics with its launches and cornering abilities.  Therefore, it’s very doubtful not going to be something that Nissan would want to mess with, to widen the trim levels available.  They will just keep making what is arguably the best daily-driver/track car in the world.

If the WAG-R was to be an option, I see it just like this render. A big beautiful ass that you see in the real world, attached to that supermodel front end.  This is what the line ‘A lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets’ was designed to des


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