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James Bond: Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5 Sells For Ridiculous Money In Recent Auction

While James Bond’s original car was actually a Bentley, it was the Aston Martin DB5 which made its mark, especially when it was solidified into the history books when Daniel Craig’s Bond died with it in his ownership. But going back further, the legendary Sir Sean Connery owned one until he died in 2020. This DB5 has now sold at Monterey Car Week, and it’s safe to say it turned heads as it reached the lofty heights of almost $2.5 million.

The 1964 DB5 was sold for $2,425,000 from the late actor’s estate, with a large portion of the proceeds going towards the Sean Connery Philanthropy Fund. Along with the sale, the lucky new buyer won’t just get the car, but will also get a drive in it alongside Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart, who was a close friend to Connery.

The DB5 has had a long history with the Bond franchise, with it first appearing in 1964’s Goldfinger where it boasted a number of gadgets. But the car sold this time actually wasn’t from the film at all. In fact, it had no connection to the film with Connery only buying the car in 2018 in the original paint colour of black. He had it painted Snow Shadow to bring it to 007 spec, but that’s as far as its connection to the character goes, apart from its owner of course.

It was housed in Switzerland, but was barely used by Connery with his age stopping him from taking it on the road trip it deserved. And with Connery spending more time in the Bahamas, it’s no surprise that it never got to be driven.


2018 brought the news of Aston Martin revealing DB5 continuations. Only 25 were built and were sold for $3.5 million each. So, in comparison, this car was a bargain. Although the cars sold by Aston actually included the gadgets. Machine guns, and all.

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