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James May Didn’t tell Jeremy Clarkson About His New Cooking Show

As fans wait for the next episode of The Grand Tour to come out they can get their James May fix from his new cooking show ‘Oh Cook.’ Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond apparently didn’t know about May’s new Amazon Prime show. May has taken it upon himself to give the fans a new show to hold us over until the release of the highly anticipated Madagascar Special

 The title comes from the classic James May saying “Oh Cock” a phrase often used moments before disaster as you can see below. 

James May said: “To be honest, I didn’t tell them,” This is not the first time he has gone solo for Amazon, last time he explored Japan. 

May also said: “I didn’t really tell anybody apart from a few close mates…” Clarkson, seemingly hurt that his co-star did not inform him of May’s recent endeavor, fired back. 

“And I remember a few weeks ago, or it was probably a month or two ago, Clarkson said to me, he says, ‘Oh, are you doing this cooking show then?’

“And I said: ‘No I’ve already done it. It’s delivered.’”


This extremely fast production of “Oh Cook” really makes you wonder what is taking so long on the Madagascar special. Especially since it has been fully edited for quite some time. May was able to film an entire additional show and get it ready for release in the time it took Amazon to do absolutely nothing with the special. With the Scotland Special being wrapped up and well into editing we can only hope that the release date is confirmed for the Madagascar Special.

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  1. Would anyone dare eat what James cooks? I watched him cook spam. It wasn’t pretty or appetizing looking. He may have not found his calling.

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