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Jay Leno Drives the World’s First Mega Car – The Koenigsegg One:1

At Grand Tour Nation, we just love cars and with the boys still working on their show, we thought we’d keep the ball rolling with fun car reviews we find online.

Jay Leno is known as a car freak and his show, Jay Leno’s Garage, is arguably the most popular American hosted car show in the world, so when Jay was able to lock down Koenigsegg to let him test drive the new $3,000,000 One:1, we had to absolutely share this with you.

Some fun takeaways from this video, besides watching Leno’s head squeeze into that helmet, are the following:

  • World’s first “MegaCar” with it’s 1360 HP (1360HP = 1 MegaWatt)
  • Called the One:1 because it achieved the magic formula of 1 hp per kilo
  • Only 6 made in the world with 1 prototype
  • First Top Mounted Rear Wing
  • Owner Christian Koenigsegg has no idea what his family crest means

I’m sure by now, you are probably thinking about how Jezza might have tested this car as opposed to Jay’s rather light touch on the course.

I hope The Grand Tour swings by Sweden to check out one of these one: 1 one day.

You see what I did there?

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