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Jeremy Clarkson Fights Back At The Daily Mail After Twisting His Story And Quotes – They Should Be Stopped

It hasn’t been long since the Daily Mail twisted something to gain clicks, with the media outlet only recently taking a James May story out of context to make him look bad (and therefore make money). Now, they’ve taken Jeremy Clarkson out of context to again, get clicks and make more money.

Their article, titled “‘You can’t get coronavirus in a car!’ Jeremy Clarkson urges people to keep driving during COVID-19 crisis amid government advice to stay at home”, is purposely written to push Clarkson in a negative light. The Grand Tour presenter went to Twitter to vent his disgust at the published article.

He was asked to clarify exactly what he said by a fan responding to the tweet.

“What did you say, for clarification?” they asked.

Clarkson responds by saying the following:

“That councils should lift parking bans so people who HAVE to work can drive rather than use a bus.”

In his column for the Sun he said the following:

“It’s a means of transport that’s virus proof. You can’t be infected when you’re inside it and you can’t pass your infection on to anyone else.’

‘During the Covid-19 outbreak, when it’s important we keep our distance, all parking restrictions should be lifted, cars should be allowed to use both bus and cycle lanes and all traffic cameras should be turned off.”

He was referring to those who are keyworkers and who have been ordered to keep going to work during the COVID-19 outbreak, despite them still being charged to enter cities like London, which forces them to use public transport. Currently, the Congestion Charge, that is automatically sent to you on entering London, sits at £11.50 per day, or £14 per day if you pay the following day. This is an extortionate amount of money, and is forcing the incredible people who are battling the Coronavirus to use public transport, which increases their risk of getting the virus.

Clarkson was rightfully disgusted by this and explained this in his column. The fact that the Daily Mail is twisting his words into a negative quote is, quite frankly, disgusting.

Yet again, the Daily Mail proves that it can’t be trusted and that it will do anything, even bully and paint someone in a negative light, to make money. It should be stopped.

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  1. Completely agree…. It’s a sensible way to get to work and home again.
    And far too expensive with all those charges… At a time such as this its imperative we adopt such measures.

  2. Yes but the politics of the daily mail are morally correct and decent, it’s the vile communist independent and guardian that would make better lavatory paper

    1. ‘Morally correct and decent’. Well I never thought I’d ever read that in relation to Daily Mail!! Then again I can only assume you’re taking the p1ss… 😉

  3. Anyone else notice how this article is mainly aimed at defaming the Daily Mail, which they said was evil for defaming Jezza. 🤔

  4. When was the last time the Daily Mail posted an article that showed Jeremy, James or Richard in a positive light?

    Every article they post amounts to click bait making it sound like the guys are ready to walk out on the show or practically kill each other.

  5. It’s not like Jeremy ever misquotes, takes out of context, or twists what’s been said, with the aim of misinforming and therefore sullying somebody’s character is it…,……….is it?

  6. I will not buy the Daily Mail anymore if it is harassing people who are only saying what is plain common sense.
    Be they celebrities or plain common folk.
    We expect better from our tabloids !

  7. The Daily Mail is a rag of a paper, in fact the only thing the Daily Mail is good for is for wiping your a**e when you’ve run out of bog roll. They have consistently had in for members of the Royal Family especially Prince Harry and Meagan.
    The Daily Mail should be used to line the bottom of pets waste trays.

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