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Jeremy Clarkson Saddening Update: The Days Of the Old Grand Tour Are Gone

Fans of The Grand Tour will be very much aware that the show’s format has changed dramatically since season 3 with the trio ditching the tent format to focus more on their wild adventures which would normally feature sporadically within each prior season.

The first episode of the series 4, titled ‘Seamen‘ gave us the first new look at the new show style – with Clarkson, Hammond and May embarking to Vietnam for a boat themed adventure.

However, new information has since been announced by Jeremy Clarkson himself during the most recent DriveTribe Pub Quiz – when host Rachael Hogg asked him a number of questions regarding season 4 and the direction The Grand Tour is taking.

Firstly, she asked Jeremy if they would ever test the Maloo GTSR – a very powerful car that has been gaining a lot of traction in the car world as of late. To which Jeremy simply responded with a simple “no”. This is most likely due to the fact that the three presenters have taken a back seat in regards to reviewing cars in favour for more of an extensive series of adventures instead. Short and sweet from Mr Clarkson, but to be honest, not unexpected considering the way the show is heading.

“But as you know The Grand Tour has changed its format now,” he continued.

“It’s just big adventures, so the days of taking a car to the track and bombing around are sort of gone.”

Jeremy also dropped some news regarding the next episode of the show and when it will air – citing that due to producer Andy Wilman firstly being unwell with what seems like COVID-19 causing things to slow down as well as the editing/voiceover suites being shut due to social distancing regulations. Jeremy is quoted as saying:

“The producer of the show, Andy Wilman, who also edits it for months and months and months, he had to take to his bed a few weeks ago with this weird new flu. Barely able to breathe, I’m not actually making this up, barely able to breathe.”

Clarkson continued:

“Then he coughed his spleen out on a number of occasions – (he) was very, very, very poorly. Anyway, the good news is he’s better but all the edit suites and the voiceover suites and all the places you use to make television programmes are shut. We are working on ways to get around that because we have filmed the programme, it is 94 percent edited. We haven’t put voices to it yet but we can do that we think and as soon as we’ve got all that together, we will get it to Amazon.”

We are glad to hear that Andy Wilman is on the mend and we hope to see the new episode in the near future if social distancing laws are relaxed after the next few weeks – or so we hope!

In the meantime, there are still plenty of episodes to revisit and we will keep you updated as and when any developments arise as always.

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  1. They really are at their best reviewing cars showing Hypercars, Classic Cars and comparing the latest affordable offerings-Golf GTI versus Ford versus Hyundai or Honda. The current trips not involving cars may be great fun but not really their forte. A sad end.

  2. Clarkson is 60.
    May is 57.
    Hammond is 50.

    I think retirement is a silly discussion, given the number of entertainers who are still going strong over the age of 50–BUT–when watching them work, they do seem awfully fragile.

  3. What is the fascination with the Maloo GTSR, which kinda looks like the unholy progeny of a Subaru Brat and the Honda Accord? And yes, much as we have fond memories of their antics and incredible chemistry, the trio are all starting to show their age and looking just a bit too long in the tooth to credibly continue these sorta adventures anymore, and perhaps it’s time for the ‘boys’ to finally consider retirement.

  4. That’s a real shame, although the adventures in motoring where fun, one of the best bits has always been the three of them reviewing cars. That to me where the highlights all three are excellent car reviews and not afraid to tell the truth about cars, unlike many of the current breed of car reviewer.

    So a plea to Jeremy do some car reviews they are a joy as well as being informative, people base there car buying on these reviews.

  5. During the last 3 seasons there were several so called “adventures” that interspersed with the reviews etc…
    so why is there only going to be 3 maybe 4 specials throughout the year?
    They said the feedback told them that the tent segments were not wanted, some of the best bits in my opinion.
    They’ve made their millions and are shortchanging their loyal fanbase in my opinion, nevertheless i will still watch the specials when they come, and Mongolian one from last season was one the very best.

  6. i’m not bothered about fast car reviews, i just want to see the 3 of them abusing each other and generally goofing around

  7. Please continue Test Drives. I love the your reviews of Exotics. At same time, it’s also Fun to see you test performance cars like: Golf GTI & Type R v other “hot hatch“ like the Velostor N-Type”), Honda Civic, Audi Q7RS & Q5 RS, Corvette C8 … like a comparison track & leisure driving test against C7!, (while I’m not a fan, US Gearheads love the Dodge “Hell Cat” – maybe a chase scene v …..), A little Lotus (British) History – Lotus Evora GT & Esprit & Exige, M250, etc. Volvo Polstar, Urus v Cayenne v GLE 63 v X5M v Audi Q8 RS, … Touring Test Drive Of Icons of the past like: Lambo Miura, Ferrari 330 GTC, F 360 … Then today’s model, etc. Take a manufacturer & do historic (iconic) performance model & then go to today‘s model; … Best “Sunday Drive (non-exotic) Cars like Miata, Subaru BRZ/Toyo 86, Fiat 124, The variety between car drives, crazy stunts & showing of new Carson the way (only a couple per show so you can spread out for future shows) & track drives by your professional driver.

  8. I’ve said this elsewhere but while we are waiting, why can’t they put together a “bloopers” special or two. I know the trio are the consummate professionals but there must be enough out-takes on the cutting floor, somewhere 😉

  9. Well personally that’s good their adventures are amazingly entertaining and their car reviews were also fun they weren’t exactly helpful I mean you wouldn’t buy a car based on Jeremy’s opinion would you? Surely not. An online search will provide you with all the info you need in five minutes so more adventures boys.

  10. Grand Tour Sucks, someone is doing a bang up job of screwing it all up good, lost interest a year ago, they might just as well retire and move on.

    1. “…lost interest a year ago…” but you still read the article and decided to leave a comment. Looks to me like you are still quite a bit interested.

      1. Since most of us understood S.Wylie’ post, let me put in in a way that even you can understand…he lost interest in “watching the show” and by “the show”, he means the current iteration! Now do you understand?

  11. 3 shows do not make a season. The lads are has bens and even Amazon can’t afford them.

  12. I don’t care what the format is, I absolutely love these guys, I’m in regardless of what they do

  13. Glad that the Grand Tour is to carry on, even if it is in this new format. We’ve only just watched the first episode in Vietnam, and was glad to see you all made it back safely to the Harbour on what must’ve been a scary part of the trip across the open sea.
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the next episode, thanks Jeremy, James and Richard for the hours of Great entertainment you have given us over the years, and hope that you will carry on as long as possible.
    Cheers Colin

  14. Miss these British “good ole boys.” Sorry to hear they wont be testing and showcasing dream cars any longer. Still I cant bring myself to “cheat” on them with the new Top Gear people. What is a guy to do but beg. PLEASE! bring back the dream car segments. We can even do without the segments with famous people competing against one another but bring back the dream car segments. I SOOO need to see a Porche 918, Ferrari 812, or Nissan GTR . Those are like unicorns here across the pond.

    1. I’m with you on this. A dream car segment would be great. Having had the opportunity to drive a GTR I have to say it’s my dream car……alas they are still $60-70K used…..

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