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Jessi Combs Crash Caused By A Collapsed Tyre At 550mph

It’s been confirmed by Harvey County Sheriff’s Office after a full investigation into the reasons behind Jessi Combs crash, that it was caused by a collapsed front tyre while the vehicle was running at a mind-blowing 550mph.

Jessi Combs was killed on August 27th while attempting another land speed record in the Alvord Desert. based on the evidence collected by the Sheriff’s Office, it was concluded that the tyre had collapsed due to it most likely hitting an object during the run on the desert, although this object has not been identified.

The cause of death has been confirmed as a blunt-force trauma, with the 52,000hp jet-powered car going up in flames moments after the crash.

Jessi Combs Crash Caused By A Collapsed Tyre At 550mph

This year’s SEMA show is remembering Jessi, not only because of her world records, but because of her great additions to the motoring industry. Everyone who knew her described her as full of knowledge and personality, and with her death, we’ve lost an amazing part of the community.

Combs held the title of “fastest woman on four wheels” since driving the same North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger to 398mph in 2013. Last year during a shakedown run, she beat her record with a 483.227mph run, but after mechanical issues the attempt was cancelled.

Jessi Combs died a role model at the young age of 36, and this loss will be mourned by millions.

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