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Jordana Brewster Embraces The Fast And Furious At Her Wedding

Fast and Furious star Jordana Brewster has got married to long-term partner Mason Morfit and their wedding was full of Fast and Furious moments with a number of the cars from the film joining them during the ceremony. Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow also joined her on her special day, and there was a tribute for Paul Walker himself.

The ceremony took place on Redondo Beach, California, and she made sure to include the film that made her acting career so successful as she was seen stepping into her film car from The Fast and the Furious, a blue 1994 Acura Integra GS-R. The Honda NSX she drove in a later film was also there, as was the Mazda RX7 her on-screen brother Dom Toretto drove.

The Integra had a decal of her and Paul Walker’s characters on the driver’s window, once more marking the bond they had on and off film.

Jordana Brewster has been part of the Fast Franchise since the first film in 2001, and will star in the upcoming film, Fast X.

The blue Integra belongs to Vin Diesel lookalike Richard Avalos who has become part of the FAst Family since going viral on Instagram and TikTok. The wrap was done by LRG-Graphics-Events-Models.

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