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Ken Block Takes Gymkhana Off-Road

I’m a big fan of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos (as I’m sure many of you are), and I try not to be too hyperbolic whenever a new one comes out. I know he always tries to top the previous one, but the last few entries didn’t really up the ante too much.

Don’t get me wrong; they’re still spectacular to watch and I am always going to be in awe of Block’s skills behind the wheel. But this most recent entry, dubbed Terrakhana, is probably the first time in a long time I felt like I was watching something new.

And man, does Block up the ante considerably! This time, Block and Co. takes their automotive shenanigans to the mountains in 102 degree heat. Think Gymkhana but in the dirt on a mountain with stunts that actually look life threatening if done wrong:

According to Block:

“It’s basically taking that driving style that I do in the Gymkhana videos and applying it in other unique situations. This new one (‘Terra’ meaning earth)… we’re doing it in a unique dirt-type situation. I’ve always wanted to take that driving style and do different things with it.”

Regarding the car he uses in Terrakhana:

“It’s already setup with the Gymkhana style engine, 600bhp, which is more than I would normally have on dirt. It’s too much power…The suspension and tyre setup was what I’d typically use for this car on a gravel car; long travel suspension, gravel rally tyres.”

All I know is after watching this video, I felt the ever elusive “fizz” talked about by James. And isn’t that all that matters?

Tony Hsieh

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