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Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Takes On An AWD Oldsmobile Cutlass In Closest Race Yet

The Hoonigan YouTube channel has released its second series of Hoonicorn vs The World after its first series gained much popularity as the highly modified Ford Mustang took to a drag strip against powerful contenders.

This time, behind the wheel sits Ken Block’s 14-year-old daughter Lia with her lining the car up against the best that can be thrown at it at the Santa Margarita Ranch Air Airstrip.

In the first episode, Lia and her father’s Hoonicorn Ford Mustang go up against National Hot Rod Association US Nationals champion Alex Laughlin and his 4,000-horsepower Chevrolet Corvette C6. That was followed by a show in which the Hoonicorn faced off against a Tesla Model S Plaid, one of the quickest accelerating cars on the market.

The latest installment sees Lia and the Hoonicorn going toe-to-toe with a heavily modified Oldsmobile Cutlass which boasts a 427 cubic inch V8 under its carbon fiber hood. This sends power through a four-speed transmission from a 2007 Trailblazer, but while stick this car would be RWD, all four wheels are powered on this car.

The first race started from a dig with the Cutlass hooking to the road like glue and getting an early leap ahead of the Mustang. But the Hoonicorn has its power-to-weight ratio on its side so it was eventually able to overtake the AWD competitor.

The two cars race in a roll race at 500 feet for round two. The Cutlass takes the lead as Lia brings the Hoonicorn to a concise stop. It turns out that she applied the brakes after hearing a strange noise emanating from the engine because she was worried about damaging it.

After cooling down for a while, the third race was the make-or-break for both cars. The Hoonicorn gets the lead early on and maintains it as it shovels its power to the floor through all four wheels.

It’s always a pleasure watching what this potent car is capable of. And with Lia behind the wheel, we’ll be very interested to see how her career evolves in the future.

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