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Kevin Hart Crash Passengers Likely To Sue After Crash

At the beginning of this month, Kevin Hart was involved in a serious incident in his modified 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

He was only one of two passengers at the time, with the driver suffering serious back and chest injuries compared to the minor injuries the passengers received. But since the car wasn’t retrofitted with safety harnesses or airbags, the passengers are taking legal action with the argument being: Hart should have worried less about keeping the car authentic, and should have focussed more on safety.

Um.. that’s bulls**t.

Kevin Hart Crash Passengers Likely To Sue After Crash

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We all know that retrofitted airbags and harnesses can be more dangerous when fitted by the aftermarket. In fact, have you tried driving on the road with harnesses? It’s difficult! You can’t easily check your blind spot and peer around corners. And do you know how much time it takes to decide on the perfect airbag placement? This argument is simply stupid, but, according to TMZ, it’s quite likely that Hart is in trouble.

Beyond that, the company that built the car is also being caught in the crossfire. The company is the expert, so they should have insisted on fitting more safety equipment to the car. Yes, 720bhp is a lot of power for the road, but does this fault fall on the company? Plus, if this does for some reason go through, then will that make other tuning companies hesitate when it comes to their work on cars? It could certainly increase prices.

The driver of the car could be in trouble, though, as the CHP is still investigating the cause of the incident. But despite the outcome, the CHP may lobby the California State Legislature to prohibit custom car companies from rolling out products without harnesses regardless of what the customer wants.

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  1. I had a harness in my autocross car, and driving on the street with the 5 point on was difficult. Looking around and reaching anything but the wheel and shifter was nearly impossible.
    A good cage and three point belt doesn’t seem crazy. But no one would ever retrofit airbags.

  2. Even if it was Hart’s car, if he wasn’t driving how can this accident and the resulting injuries be considered his fault?
    Sounds like a cash grab to me.

  3. From what I’ve read, the passenger in the back was sitting on the floor. Images of the car prior to Hart taking delivery show no back seat, only some upholstery where the seat backs would have been, and some storage lids or something on the floor. How would you put restraints where there are no seats? And doesn’t the person who sits on a floor bear some responsibility for any injuries sustained in a crash? This is an enormous problem here in the States: finding someone else to blame for your own poor decisions. Society is NOT responsible for doing your thinking for you.

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