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Koenigsegg “Konigsei” Concept, Takes The Crown And Flies Away With It

Recently we posted about a very cool design for a Mazda RX-10 Longtail, by Mitsubishi Exterior Designer, Maximilian Schneider. Well, after a journey down the Koenigsegg appreciation rabbit-hole, it seemed befitting to show you another of Schneider’s egg-cellent concepts.

This 6.4L V8 would produce a soul-churning 1,618 hp, taking it from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and giving it a top speed of 274 MPH.

“The Konigsei,” or “King Egg” in German, was a submission to the #Koenigseggsketchchallenge, which was a call to arms by Koenigsegg‘s Head of Design, Sasha Selipanov. Schneider took the idea of a crown wearing egg, and then stretched it, as if the speed of its travel were elongating its aerodynamic form.

Insofar as these sort of concepts are reasonable, this particular Koenigsegg uses a befitting material for such an innovative brand; the spacey cockpit isn’t made of carbon-fiber, but a composite of egg-shells. The recycled material is both eco friendly, as well as perfectly fitting to the egg motif.

On Schneider’s instagram, he has even posted an all black render, which looks especially menacing compared to its golden crown wearing counterpart. If you want something a little more festive…he also made a Santa’s Sled skin for the Konigsei, fit with a present stach and bronze ice-skates.

Either way, top marks to this concept. It really is a beautiful design that does the brand justice. We sure could do with more of these design challenges.

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