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The Koenigsegg Agera Just Smashed The Bugatti Chiron’s Newest Record

A couple weeks ago, the Bugatti Chiron set a staggering record for sprinting from 0-249-0 mph in 42 seconds–not an inconsequential achievement. But, further cementing their place as an engineering juggernaut, Koenigsegg just smashed that record with an Agera RS.


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The Agera made the run after several hours of run-up and practice in just 36.44 seconds, an almost unbelievable five seconds quicker than the Chiron. Let me repeat–a car which has been around for six years, lacks all-wheel drive, and has half the cylinders and turbos of the Chiron, manages to be a solid 15% faster in a straight line.

Apparently, the surface wasn’t even that good–the track was reportedly quite bumpy and choppier than would have been ideal, conditions which Bugatti probably didn’t have to deal with. In fact, there was so little grip in relation to the car’s power that the traction control was battling wheelspin until fourth gear.

Over time, Bugatti’s massive lead in the top speed wars has been slowly dribbling away; first, it was the SSC Ultimate Aero, then it was the Hennessey Venom GT (the Veyron Super Sport beat out the former, and the latter was DQ’ed from the official record on a technicality). But it seems that if they really wanted to, Koenigsegg could snag Bugatti’s long-held crown. Someone tell VW to watch out for that bald guy in the Tesla.

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One Comment

  1. After triple checking sources, here’s the facts.
    Chiron 0-400-0. = 41.96s
    Chiron 0-400 = 32.6s
    Agera RS 0-400-0 = 36.44s
    Agera RS 0-400 = 26.88s
    The Agera did beat the Chiron on both accounts but this article didn’t quite make that clear. Hope this helps.

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