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Koenigsegg’s Exclusive Tour Of Their Geneva Motor Show Booth

Christina Von Koenigsegg, CEO of Koenigsegg, showed what could have been at their awesome Geneva Motor Show booth, in a very cool and endearing Youtube video. He gives viewers and exclusive tour of their building inside a building, as all the other car companies disassemble their booths.

With most, if not all, big conventions cancelled or postponed, many of us won’t get to see the exciting coverage of what would have been the Geneva Motor Show 2020. Well, in any case, we can imagine how sweet the giant Koenigsegg booth would have been, and now get to see inside the giant enclosure, which Koenigsegg says feels surrounded by a “zombie apocalypse.”

It’s giant black-veiled showroom features a high-precision recreation of their runway, made by using drones to painstakingly scan the treadmarks on their Ängelholm asphalt. The enclosed areas feature everything from a custom Forza gaming-rig, with both real Regera steering wheel and seat, to a pair of conference rooms and bar.

The Jesko configuration room, instead holds a Gemera and some lights. Interestingly the area with a pair of veiled Gemera drivetrains, across from the gift shop (Christian if you’re reading this I’d love one of those kaffekoppar, no need to bring them home with you!), was supposed to hold a customer’s Regera. Sadly, when the virus broke out they decided to not bring it.

This kind of demonstration is one example of why Koenigsegg has amassed such a cult-following. Of course making some of the world’s best cars doesn’t hurt, but the above-and-beyond mentality of keeping your booth up after everything cancels, shows their strive to excellence.


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