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Lamborghini Slammed As Comments Flood Their Latest Video Release

Lamborghini has received a huge amount of backlash for their latest promotional video for the release of the Huracan Sterrato.

The Italian luxury car maker usually goes all out when promoting their latest vehicles, however, this one has fallen flat. They posted the video to their Twitter follower, who did not hold back.

The video shows a woman getting into the Huracan Sterrato and racing off down long roads before veering off onto a dirt track to give it more of an off-roading style. Throughout the video a man is reciting a poem which seems to be one of the main things that has taken people by surprise. The poem reads:

“This one’s for you. Concrete yearner. Tamer of curves. Master of speed. Wear your finest suit. Dirt is made for it. Let the showoff begin.

“On this new concrete. Spray paint powder on tyres. That thrive on the rim. Dust is gold. Dirt’s for the bold.

“Block out the sun. Raising red clouds. On that dry ground. Make gravel rain down. Let adrenaline and fun collide. Spraying grains of dust aside.

“It’s no filth. This is design. Any amount of grime is fine. The more you get dirty. The more you’ll shine. Dust is gold. Dirt’s for the bold. Dust is gold. Dirt’s for the bold.”

One Twitter user reacted saying:

“This would have to be the worst Lamborghini commercial I have ever watched. This is more suitable for let’s say a Mitsubishi Pajero!”

Another wrote “Haha, All that nonsense he’s sprouting is like the stickers on the side of 80’s & 90’s JDM cars”. with a lot of others agreeing, someone else wrote: “Watch it without the voice over, it’s an okay add BUT completely ruined by the dialogue.” [sic]

Some more comments read:

“I need to buy some dust. Or was it gold? Terrible advert. No clues at all as to where your market is.”

“I know I’m not the target demographic but … this has got to be a joke, right?”

“’It’s not filth’?!?! Extraordinarily silly; you might want to rethink.”

Lamborghini are clearly tying to do something different with the off-road vehicle but fans do not seem impressive with the higher up Huracan when many were expecting a successor to the LM002. A lot of the Twitter users mentioned that it is not clear who the target audience is for this car as well.

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