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Land Rover Defender From James Bond Spectre Goes To Auction

In one of the best examples of movie props going up for sale, a Land Rover Defender 110, custom made for the James Bond “Spectre” bad guys, is going up for auction. The last of nine Defenders customized by Bowler Motorsport, will go up for sale on Silverstone Auctions’ website on May 23.

The special effects car was outfitted with a strengthened chassis, 37-inch tires, a heavy-duty roll cage, hydraulic hand-brake, rose-jointed suspension and Bilstein dampers.

For looks, Bowler added a winch, large roof rack, snorkel, LED spotlights, and a rope (classic) and opted to finish the Defenders in Santorini Black. All of which helped this villain mobile and its eight bespoke siblings stand out amongst the crown and help cut an intimidating form as they pursued Bond through the snow.

This model was actually one of the snow scene examples, as opposed to the high-speed stunt models which Eon Productions also had commissioned. Another one of the surviving Snow-Defenders, just like this offering, went up for sale in 2018 and sold for US$455k!

For such a unique vehicle, with less than 300 km on the odometer since finish, to go up for sale is a rare thing. If I were you, I would set a reminder for the auction to go live, and try to get it while you can!

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