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Leaked Photos Of The New BMW M2 Have Been Slated By Gearheads

The second generation BMW M2, currently named the G87, has been leaked ahead of its official reveal in early October, and while the images quickly made the rounds on social media, it wasn’t for the best reason.

In fact, the M2 was slated by gearheads who hated its weird, boxy, unfinished design with many referring to it as a car straight from Minecraft. This is a big shame, with the original M2 being the saving grace of BMW for many enthusiasts, with Top Gear’s Chris Harris likening it to the M3s of the past thanks to its small footprint and lower power levels.

We posted the photos to our Instagram page:


Top 10 comments


“They definitely lost the ability to design cars.”


“The *Lego M2 I think you meant.”


“WTF!!! First the M3/M4, followed by 7series, then the New X7. WTF are designing. It’s getting worse than the Bagle era.”


“Looks at pics: ‘That’s a weird body kit for a Scion TC.’
Reads description: ‘Well, at least they skipped the beaver tooth grill!'”

“Was the front designed by the guys behind Minecraft?? Designers lately are like a child who’s learnt to use a ruler the drive of new cars is great… styling of cars from the past, imaginative, interesting and good looking”


“pls bmw the boxy design was lovely on E30/36 and so on, not on this”


“Such a shame. No amount of performance is going to make up for those looks”


“Did they forget to put the rear bumper on?”


“Yep that car looks so bad. So disappointing as I did not like the 3 and 4. Hoped the M2 would be the next option. I’d say my days of having BMW’S has come to an end. The 240 looks better. Think a big turbo GR Supra is the next move. WTF BMW seriously??”


“Need interior shot. Need to make sure it’s a 6 speed manual still.”

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