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Legend Rebadges His Toyota A90 Supra With The Correct Badges

Yep, we know, the Supra has so much BMW in it it’s trying to invade Poland. But nevertheless it’s a great car, albeit a bit of a cop out from Toyota. But someone has remedied the situation.

During a review of the Supra by the YouTube channel, MotorPress.Ca, the hosts swapped the Toyota badges for BMW badges while they explained that the Supra felt more BMW than Toyota. And of course it does, the majority of the parts, are from a BMW catalogue, with the majority of bits coming from the Z4 sister car and the M3.

I suppose this day and age we should be glad about this. At least it didn’t return as a bloated SUV like the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The supra is a great car.

1320Video, a company we’re very fond of, also featured this on their Instagram account.

Of course it was met with the appropriate response.

How do you feel about the Zupr4? Let us know in the comments below!

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