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Legend Saves His Toyota Supra From Hail With His Own Body

The Toyota GR Supra has already established a legacy that the A80 model would be proud of, and it’s just getting started. With figures of 1,000 horsepower no longer unusual, the Toyota A90 Supra is once again proving to be highly tunable, as was its predecessor, regardless of its German engine and architecture.

The A80, or Mk.4, as it is more commonly known, is the ideal model for those of us who grew up watching them on screen and at the drag, with some prepared to pay over $200,000 for the correct variant in excellent condition. You’d do anything to keep your legendary Supra, and for one Australian owner, that means putting their life on the line. Take a look at the clip below to understand what we’re talking about.

A blanket, some boxes, flattened cardboard, and even his body were used to protect his classic sports vehicle from the elements after he realized that it would be harmed by hail.

He wraps himself around the hood to try and hide more of the car, although he may be doing it simply to keep the wind from blowing his prized Supra off its perch. He drapes himself over the hood to protect his beloved Supra from the weather, but we get this guy’s dedication to keeping his automobile scratch-free.

It does look a bit ridiculous, though, as it really doesn’t look like the hail is too heavy. And let’s face it, if the hail really was severe enough to damage the car, he probably wouldn’t want that pelting his back. Especially as there’s still a large amount of hood that’s open to the elements.

Unsurprisngly, the owner of the Supra has revealed that it wasn’t damaged, and while I expect that this is simply because the hail wasn’t that bad, maybe his quick thinking did save the day. I mean, if you had a Mk4 Supra, wouldn’t you do anthing to protect it?

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