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LEGO And Bugatti Release DRIVABLE 1:1 Chiron Made From LEGO

By now all of you know the formidable Bugatti Chiron. Its makers believe its Veyron-derived W16 can power it to breaking the top speed record, but for now, it’s waiting on better tyres. So how else to spend their time waiting for the right tyres to come around than working with LEGO on building an exact 1:1 replica!

Unlike the real Chiron, this is powered by over 2,300 LEGO Power Functions motors which are sat where the 8.0-litre W16 would normally be. Yes, you read that right. This car is actually drivable, but it doesn’t boast the power levels that the original car does. This LEGO version only produced 5.3bhp – a little lower than the Chiron’s 1,500. This means that it’s not quite the performance car like its big brother, but it’s made out of LEGO for God’s sake!

It must be stressed that this car is made entirely of LEGO Technic – a feat I’m sure the guys from LEGO took a while to pull off. But how many pieces did it take? 1,000,000 in total, of which there were 339 different types. Oh, and the team used a LEGO Technic screwdriver to put together the engine after finding out a standard screwdriver had too much torque!

We love the detail on this build, especially the fully working spoiler/air brake. Let us know your favourite builds in the comments below!

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