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This Lego Jeep Is More Off-Road Capable Than My Explorer

Before anyone says anything about my decision to buy a 2012 Ford Explorer; yes…I am well aware that the current Explorer probably couldn’t get me out of a field of wet grass. Therefore, my title is meant as a joke. It’s self aware, you see?

But let’s go back to this awesome little Jeep. Designed by Horick Designs, this little offroader was built for the TROPHY event, which apparently is a Lego version of the Camel Trophy (yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds).

The mini Jeep Wrangler Expedition is powered by an onboard lithium polymer battery, while two XL motors power the four wheels, geared down to a 3:5 ratio. Two L motors power the steering and a functional front mounted winch (1:8). The Jeep also has working lights and suspension.

The Jeep had to be built to fit the rules of the competition, which means it also needed reserve “fuel” in the car and full wireless remote control. The downside to this Jeep is the weight (1,500g) which does not allow the use of CV joints in the front axle for smooth wheel rotation. It seems they managed to survive the race, but were damaged in the big uphill final portion.

For those that are interested, here’s a video of the event itself:

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