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Lister Reveals Its First Electric Car, The SUV-E, Based On The Jaguar I-Pace

Lister has a history rich with the fumes of petrol and the sound of motorsport-tuned V8s, so when we tell you that the British-based car company has released another kitted out Jaguar with the Lister badge, the last thing you expect is for it to be the I-Pace. But here we are, Lister is tuning its first electric car, and we’re all the better for it.

As you can see from the images, the Lister SUV-E as they’re calling it, has a new bodykit to add some aggression and racing green to the original boxy angles. The green is accented with yellow to reflect the Lister trademark colours, and yellow brake callipers coupled with carbon ceramic brakes can be spotted behind larger, titanium wheels and wider arches.

Lister Reveals Its First Electric Car, The SUV-E Based On The Jaguar I-Pace

Of course, the colours of your choice can be sprayed onto the car if you’re into it. But this isn’t important compared to what’s under the paint. The objective with this overhaul seems to be lower weight and higher power, with the bumpers, bonnet, and splitters all produced from carbon fibre. The suspension is fully adjustable and lowered, and the sound that’s produced by the car as per new electric vehicle regulations has been tweaked to sound more aggressive. We’re in a new age, people.

According to Lister, they’ve shaved 100kg off, bring the weight down to just 2,033kg. Still heavy, but this is an electric SUV after all. Plus, an increase in power and torque thanks to a fiddle with the software will despatch this car to 60 in an estimated 4 seconds. That may not sound overly fast in today’s market of 2 second cars, but to put it in perspective, that’s faster than the Bugatti EB110, once the fastest car in the world.

Lister Reveals Its First Electric Car, The SUV-E Based On The Jaguar I-Pace

If there was an electric SUV to buy, it’s certainly this one. You can’t deny the racing pedigree of Lister, so its input on the electric market will most definitely be appreciated.

Alex Harrington

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