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Lotus Exige S2 With Honda K24 Engine Is A Hill Climbing Beast

If you have never checked out the YouTube channel, HillClimb Monsters, then I strongly recommend you go and take a look.

To start you off, we have the video below and before you go ahead and watch it, please allow me to explain what is going on here. This is actually a remake of an older video from the HillClimb Monsters YouTube channel and features a Lotus Exige S2 owned by Piotr Soja that competed competitively back until 2016.

The Lotus is powered by a Honda K24 supercharged motor, the engine sits in the middle of the vehicle and the car weighs an unbelievable 800kg. As well as this, the vehicle also features a bespoke widebody kit which took over 5 years to develop.

While the Lotus hasn’t competed at a competitive level for quite a while now, it is still an incredibly impressive piece of engineering and is totally unique to boot. The pairing of the Lotus chassis and the K-Series Honda engine makes for a chassis/engine combo that is often unmatched.

Anyway, you can watch the Lotus in all its glory below and be sure to go and subscribe to the HillClimb Monsters YouTube channel too.

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