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Man Crashes Brand New Porsche GT2 After Literal Minutes Of Ownership

Can you imagine spending the majority of your life building up your career, saving and investing wisely, all with the objective of buying a Porsche worth £250,000? Yep, I can imagine that. I think a lot of car enthusiasts will make sacrifices to pull off something so difficult. Now imagine crashing it after just a few minutes. Ouch.

The owner of a brand new Porsche GT2 RS did exactly that after picking up the sports car from Penarth, Cardiff. A few minutes later, the car was involved in a five car pile up. No injuries were reported, but the Porsche was beaten up badly, suffering both front and rear-end damage.

Man Crashes Brand New Porsche GT2 After Minutes Of Ownership

Details about who was at fault or who else was involved haven’t been confirmed yet, but a witness named Hywel Williams overheard the owner of the Porsche at the scene. He said: “The guy had only just picked it up from Porsche around the corner and he claimed the brakes failed.”

It’s unlikely that the carbon ceramic brakes on a brand new Porsche failed, but stranger things have happened. As I’m sure you know, carbon ceramics need to warm up before they can work at peak performance, but this shouldn’t affect the stopping power needed during an on-road scenario.

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