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Man Takes Delivery Of New Corvette C8 – Is Promptly T Boned By Drunk Driver

We’ve all experienced it, that bitter sweet feeling of driving your brand new car for the first time – you are overwhelmed with excitement but you can’t help to prevent the fear of crashing it on your way home. Thankfully it is something that rarely happens, but sadly it can.

A Facebook user by the name of ‘June Bug’ unfortunately had his worst fears come true when he took delivery of his brand new Corvette C8. The Florida based resident took delivery of his fresh ride on April 2nd and excitably shared images of the vehicle at his local dealership.. who wouldn’t?

By April 3rd, a mere 24 hours later, June’s worst fears came true as he was involved in an accident, totalling his brand new C8.. What happened you ask? Well, thankfully, we’re here to fill you in on the details. The C8 Corvette Stingray was T boned by a Hyundai Accent and the driver was not only drunk but also had no insurance, June told Carscoops:

“We not 2 bad busted head n ruby got sum broken fingers… Guy was drunk n no insurance… Glad I got good insurance 2 cover us.”

Thankfully June had taken out extensive insurance to cover an eventuality such as this, although we can only imagine how much it would suck to have to claim on it so early during his ownership of the beast of a car – we are glad he was fully covered and the vehicle can now go for extensive repairs or to be replaced entirely. June also said that the driver of the Accent was swiftly taken by the police to jail, a small silver lining for June no doubt.

Sadly for June, this will be a lengthy process and we can’t see him driving his new/fixed C8 anytime soon. With all that is going on with COVID-19 across the globe, we can only imagine that this process may take even longer.

Drive safe and don’t drink and drive.

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