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Man’s Cadillac CT6-V Blackwing V8 Dies After Less than 2,000 Miles

Put your frustration hats on, because Cadillac has decided to test the limits of what their buyers can tolerate. The brand’s 4.2L Blackwing V8, which was meant to be one of their marquee engines, has been discontinued after only making it into the CT6-V and CT6 Platinum.

Unfortunately for one poor owner, he shelled out $100,000 for a CT6-V, just in time to snag one of these 550 horsepower moneypits. According to an insanely straightforward and depressing video, it’s in need of a new engine before driving even 2,000 miles.

From what we can see in the video, the whole engine is sitting on the shop floor. The mechanic has to put on some bedside manners, and deliver the bad news… it’s junk.

Full disclosure, my first car was a 2003 Cadillac Deville with the 32-valve Northstar V8. I cannot stress enough how much of a mess that engine caused.

With Cadillac they tend to say, “oh our engine is so special and unique, we made it only for these cars, you’ll love it.” In reality, the engines are half-baked and mechanics don’t want to touch them with a ten-foot pole (even GM dealerships in my case).

In my Deville, it was years of simple problems which cause many trips to mechanics. Eventually, a failed sensor totaled the car. What should have cost a couple hundred bucks, would’ve been thousands.

The only mechanics who would deal with it wouldn’t replace the sensor, only the entire transmission. The thing is, you couldn’t really blame anyone for not wanting any part. Head gaskets were one thing, but after all the problems, you felt the Cadillac was doomed.

I’d imagine the Blackwing V8 fell to similar criticism. People get tired of these nonsensical, poorly designed engines. Cadillac kept trying to reinvent the wheel, but in doing so only screwed over their high-paying customers.


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