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Maserati Working On A ‘Electric Engine’ With The Focus On Sound – Listen Here

Maseratis are famous for… breaking down. But running a close second is the sound the elegant cars create. Now, Maserati is starting to focus on the all-electric future of motoring, so of course, they need to make it sound good. But that’s very difficult when you’re moving from the aggressive growl of an exhaust pipe to a soundless electric motor.

This is why the Italian company is putting a lot of effort into this. First of all, they’re not calling their powertrains electric motors, they’re calling it an electric engine. It will create a distinctive noise over other EVs. Oh, and it’s being created all in-house by Trident themselves. With the GranTurismo and GranCabrio becoming electric for 2021, we haven’t got long to wait to see what the marque means. But they’ve given us a little peek into what the powertrain is going to sound like.

Where most automakers are keen to keep their EVs mostly silent, it’s obvious that Maserati is looking to make it louder and more aggressive. It’s never going to sound like a gritty V8, but when we, as a society, start linking the sound of electric motors with their unbelievable performance, maybe we will start to appreciate what sounds is being made. It will never be the same, but hey, let’s try to embrace it.

Prototypes are already being fitted with this new EV powertrain, so let’s hope we get more teasers as the company progresses. I’m excited.

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