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Mazda Could Be Releasing A Mazda6 With An Inline-6 Engine For 2022

Over the past several years, it’s been difficult to nail down Mazda’s future product plans, especially the Mazda6. The car has been rumored to use a rear-wheel-drive platform since at least 2017, though nothing has yet come of it. Despite this, rumors and speculation about the model have never stopped coming, with a new report from Spyder7 (translated) claiming that it will make its debut sometime in the first half of 2022.

A new report has been released, and the news isn’t surprising, with it not deviating significantly from what we’ve heard before. Many rumors have stated that Mazda would launch a RWD Mazda sedan in 2022. The emergence of new inline-six engines was also mentioned in conjunction with the speculation that the model would get updated engine alternatives next year, which were rumored to begin production in late 2020. In late 2020, Mazda teased its new powerplant alongside other powertrains.

The next-generation Mazda6 is planned to debut in 2020, and it will feature a completely redesigned appearance. According to the Spyder7 report, the vehicle will take design cues from Mazda’s 2017 Vision Coupe Concept, a two-door car with a gratuitously long hood and a sleek greenhouse form. It’ll have a fresh grille pattern that’ll be used by Mazda in the future, as well as an H-shaped diffuser. Unlike the concept, the Mazda6 should accommodate five people instead of four.

A 3.0-liter inline-six diesel engine will be paired to a 48-volt mild-hybrid system in Mazda’s powertrain lineup. A gasoline inline-six hybrid is also expected. Spyder7 states that the Mazda6 will come with a plug-in hybrid and an all-electric model later in the car’s lifecycle. It’s unclear if the new rear-wheel-drive Mazda6 will be offered in the United States, as the company announced in January that the sedan and CX-3 would not be sold in America any longer. However, it’s possible that one of them may make a comeback.

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