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Mazda Developing New Inline-6 Engine For Future Use

In Mazda’s third-quarter financial presentation, the company released news of a new inline-six engine that’s currently in the works for a hopeful post-2022 release. This engine is slated to be available in gasoline, diesel, and Skyactiv X guises, and mounted longitudinally for FWD and AWD powertrains, according to Car Watch Impress.

On top of that, a new plug-in hybrid and 48-volt are also slated for a 2022 release, with rumours of “multi-electric technology” being used as range extenders alongside a new rotary engine motor. Currently, while we’d love to see this type of powertrain in an RX sports car, it’s currently only confirmed for use in the MX30 with a 2022 release.

Rumour has it that the new Mazda6 will embrace this new straight-six engine with power being sent to the rear wheels, but this news now makes us wonder whether it will also be available in AWD to match its German competitors while also placing it above its current Japanese competitors such as the Honda Accord.

We’ll be watching with great interest as Mazda again pushes forward in engine technology. While dates are not confirmed, we’re excited to see how this innovation takes shape..

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