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On-Track Tuesday: Mazda MX5 Miata Driver Almost Crashes Twice On The Nurburgring

This On-Track Tuesday is brought to you by the dangerous Nurburgring, which on two separate occasions attempts to ruin the day of a Mazda MX5 Miata driver.

The track is well known to be quite a handful, with incredibly high potential speeds, close barriers, and potential oil spills around every corner. After all, it is a public road. But this makes it an incredible test for cars, meaning even the largest manufacturers in the world come here to test their new vehicles – something which The Grand Tour’s James May isn’t such a fan of. Regardless of what cars come to market after being tested at the ‘Ring, we love the track. Not only has it got a strong and broad history of motor racing and fearlessness, but it also brings us some of the greatest videos, ever.

This is the latest, and it shows Tim Stangier getting to know the track’s limited run-offs a little too well.

This video turns our new feature, On-Track Tuesday into an almost off-track article, but his talent, and potentially a bit of luck, kept him pushing through the track regardless what it threw at him and his brother who he’s driving with.

The first hazard comes as a fluid spill, which removed all traction from the front of the car, launching it off the track and onto the grass. He wrestles with it, eventually getting the car back onto the track, but it’s clear that he’s shaken by what happened. This guy knows what he’s doing though, so continues to race at high speeds.

The next hazard comes only one lap later when a group of cars are stopped on the right side of the track around a blind corner. A BMW in front of the brothers comes to a halt, and Stangier narrowly misses it as he’s forced onto the grass yet again.

“I have to be honest, man. These situations happen, but I’ve not been part of many in like the hundreds of laps that I’ve done, because usually, the yellow flag is out quick enough,” Stangier told Road And Track.

Stangier is obviously a hugely talented driver, and this video is a testament to that. but it’s also a severe reminder that track days, especially those at the Nurburgring, can be pretty dangerous.

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