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McLaren Has Trademarked Three New Supercar Names: Here’s What We Know

McLaren has had a trying few years. The financial repercussions of the pandemic forced the firm to sell its headquarters in Woking, England, for nearly $240 million earlier this year. But there is hope on the horizon. According to CarBuzz, McLaren has filed three trademark applications with Britain’s Intellectual Property Office since mid-December.

McLaren appears to be on a mission to rapidly increase its range, which presumably includes all-new models rather than just a special edition of an existing model. The names, as defined by CarBuzz, are Solus, Aeron, and Aonic. None of these names sounds familiar or seems to refer back to any previous McLaren model, so they’re most likely entirely new models.

The paperwork was in the name of class 12 for motor land vehicles, automobiles, parts, and accessories. We can only speculate where these new models will fit in, especially as McLarens are usually named with a series of numbers denoting their total power. Although, with the Artura hybrid showing a clear movement away from this naming system, these cars could fit anywhere in the current range.

Plus, with the Sports Series of cars also being discontinued, it’s likely that these new models will follow the Artura and form the future of McLaren’s hybrid or even totally electric line of cars. With the Artura being cheaper than the 720S while also being of a lower performance, there’s certainly room above it to add more potent hybrids or EVs.

Finally, we could look at the names themselves and their meanings. Solus means ‘alone’, which could hint at a single-seater sports car similar to the McLaren F1, and Aeron is a god of slaughter, while also being a ‘mountain of strength’. Yeah, these new McLarens are sounding pretty good to me.

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