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McLaren Have Made A Lifesize LEGO Senna

Using LEGO to promote cars isn’t a first for McLaren. They did it with the 720S a year or so back, and now they’ve done it with one of their latest cars to hit the road, the McLaren Senna.

This full-size Danish-made Senna was put together by a total of 42 professionals who in total used 467,854 to create this block-built masterpiece. To put that in perspective, that’s 200,000 more than what was used to create the 720S.

Over 4935 hours were put into making the model, which is more than 9 times the amount of time it takes to make an actual Senna. And because it’s made out of plastic and not lightweight carbon fibre, it weighs 500kg more at 1,700kg. This doesn’t make a lot of difference, though, because unlike the LEGO Bugatti Chiron, this can’t move under its own steam.

It is however finished in Victory Grey, and has a full interior that can be sat in thanks to the racing seat that was stolen from a real Senna. Also taken from the real car is the pedal box and steering wheel, and the design of the dihedral doors and opening mechanism has been copied from the real car, but in LEGO form.

Sit in the car, push the roof-mounted start button, and you’ll hear Senna sounds erupt from the in-car speakers. It has working lights, too, and if you want to connect your phone to bluetooth, you can do that through the working infotainment system.

To top off the almost-realistic design, real wheels surrounded by real tyres have been slapped on each corner, and hiding behind these are LEGO brake rotors and callipers. From double-digit feet away, we wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was the real deal. But if you do want to get up-close and personal, McLaren and LEGO are taking it on a world tour. We’ll keep you updated.

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