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McLaren Teases Successor to P1 in 2025 While Admitting Huge Mistake

Hypercars usually do not adhere to the traditional life-cycle of a mainstream vehicle, with there typically being a considerable gap between two generations. This is the case with the McLaren P1 successor which will not be released any time soon despite the mid-engine electrified machine being teased at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt revealed in an interview with Automotive News that a spiritual descendant to the P1 would be unveiled around the middle of the decade.

It seems like the Elva will continue to be the Ultimate model unless the Woking team comes up with another Ultimate Series model, but it is unlikely at this time.

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The reality that we’re not seeing a new Ultimate Series automobile for a couple of years has come a little bit of a disappointment with the latest proprietary photos of a new hypercar claimed to be an Ultimate car. The model in question is claimed to be a Senna-based hybrid promising a yet-to-be-confirmed 1,134 horsepower.

The codenamed “BC-03” was reported conducting preliminary road tests, so it’s fair to assume that McLaren has been developing on it for quite some time.

Some speculations insist that Sabre will not be the Ultimate vehicle, but the electrified Senna will be. There are no confirmed statements yet, so Sabre’s fate is not yet determined now.

Although Mike Flewitt did not disclose any information on the Sabre during the interview, he acknowledged that the new Ultimate car – the Elva – “was a victim of poor timing.”

“We kind of launched it right in the middle of the pandemic, and we lost a lot of production capacity,” Flewitt stated in the interview.

Earlier McLaren had to decrease the production of speedster twice, with an originally planned run of 399 units reduced to 249 and eventually to only 199 at $1.7 million a pop.

McLaren’s CEO teased that the latest Ultimate car will be out “near 2025 by the time that car comes to market.” Hopes are up that the CEO meant sooner.

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