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Meet The BMW i8 Station Wagon That We Hope To See Go To Production

Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of awesome renders come to us via the World Wide Web, it’s probably due to us all sitting at home twiddling our thumbs and looking for stuff to occupy our time with considering we can’t go outside. Thankfully Rain Prisk Designs has been coming up with some awesome looking station wagon concepts for us to feast our eyes over.

First up is the BMW i8 and we think it looks great! It reminds us of the Ferrari GTC4 (pictured below) and we can only imagine how this thing would fly down roads with the same 227bhp petrol engine combined with the 129bhp electric motor that the i8 has under the hood.

This i8 station wagon would be perfect for those of us with fat pockets to take advantage of city living, you’ll be able to squeeze through all the nooks and crannies of London and park easily – but when needed, will be able to open this beast on the motorways and give some serious petrol cars a run for their money.

Let’s hope BMW sees this and puts it into production, we’d love to see them on the road. Heres hoping.

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