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Mercedes Benz 600 Modernised With Maybach Tech And Comforts

We all love a classic car, but on the other side, we also love the modern comforts that a new vehicle provides – from air-con and heated seats to sat-nav and Bluetooth connectivity. To have a combination of the two would be ideal to most and we believe this is certainly that – if you have the cash of course.

Here we have the Mercedes-Benz 600 – for the uninitiated this was the car to have if you were successful during the ’60s and ’70s – whether you were a business mogul, a movie star, a music icon or even a head of state, the 600 was a staple in any affluent owners collection. The vehicle came in a short and long-wheelbase option, but if you were able to afford one of these then you are most likely able to afford a driver and therefore, the long-wheelbase was a no brainer. Even if you could afford it, you still may not have been able to get your hands on one as only 2,677 units were ever made.


The top two models in the 600’s catalogue was the Landaulet (less than 60 were ever made) and the Pullman Limousine – and that is exactly what we have here thanks to Netherlands based Auto Leitner getting their hands on one. From the outside, the 1975 model looks pretty normal – well as normal as an elite limousine can look from the outside.

To the untrained eye, it looks like everything on the exterior of the vehicle is how Mercedes would have intended it back in the day, but upon closer inspection, we’ve noticed that paint job is very much not stock. The Mother of Pearl White metallic paint job is the first clue that this vehicle is certainly not all what it seems.

The interior of the car, however, is where everything becomes much more apparent as the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman has been upgraded with all the bells, whistles and luxury of a modern-day Maybach. The whole interior has been rebuilt to include the likes of a dimmable panoramic roof and roof instrument panel as found in the Maybach 62 Limousine – however, the additional modern-day comforts certainly don’t end there.

Also included are electronically adjustable seats with heating as well as ventilation, front and rear automatic climate control, fridge, minibar, ambient lighting, a large DVD screen (extendable of course), front and rearview cameras, a new high tech surround sound system courtesy of Dolby, Bluetooth connectivity and much much more.

Now a question many of you must be wondering – does this incredible machine still classify as a classic car? You would assume not but due to the original engine and gearbox being preserved this is very much the case.

The new/old Mercedes-Benz 600’s transportation (thanks to a collaboration with Daimler AG’s Development Department) has taken its time to come into being as the restoration work started back in 2007 and took a further 7 years to complete, not to mention costing an eye-watering €3,000,000 to make happen.

This one of one collectable has only got 691 miles (1,112 km) on the clock and can be yours for a mere €2.15 million (approx £1,887,356), excluding taxes of course.. so you best get saving those pennies as you’ll only need about 215,000,000 cents or 188,735,600 pennies to make it happen. Best check under that sofa!

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