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NASCAR Bans The Display Of Confederate Flags

In some really strange news, NASCAR has tweeted an official statement, banning the display of confederate flags from its events. They renounce the flag, as being contrary to their “welcoming and inclusive environment.”

I’m not exactly familiar with NASCAR events, but have seen almost every company make statements like this in light of the recent protests. It makes me wonder how popular the flag was at their events.

Okay, so a quick Google search for “NASCAR Confederate Flag,” brings to light the seriousness of the situation. Apparently this wasn’t limited to just a few T-shirts in the crowd, or tattoos exposed by sleeveless shirts.

This begs the question, “how will NASCAR’s fans and supporters, drivers included, react to this announcement?”

One could imagine some kind of race protest, or even a windfall of positive support. Nothing is certain in this world, except that there will be controversy.

This announcement hasn’t come with a clear set of guidelines about which displays of the flag NASCAR will prohibit, and how they will do so. Surely there will be a difference in a guest with a confederate hat, and a driver putting a state flag which contains the confederate flag on their car.

When the racing season resumes, it will surely come with some follow up incidents of determined confederate flag demonstrators. Until then, how do you guys receive this news?

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