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Need For Speed: Unbound Teases Insane Police Chases And Side Betting For Players In Recent Gameplay Reveal

Need for Speed has just released a 90-second trailer showing some gameplay of the upcoming street racing game, and while most fans are becoming accustomed to the new anime/cartoonish style of the game, we’re also slowly getting fed more and more features.

It looks as though while fighting our way through large numbers of underground street racers, we’ll also have to deal with the police. This obviously isn’t a new feature to come to the franchise, but it does look as though it will be a significant part of the gameplay with it being tied to respect and potentially income.

But Lakeshore – our new city to explore and race around – boasts something else for us to bear in mind, and this is called The Grand. This new race will see players having to buy their way into the qualifying and main event races, and while we’ll be making a bit of money by running from the cops in spectacular NOS-burning fashion, we’ll also have the ability to make bets with rivals tot he side of the actual race. This will give players the opportunity to further increase their income, meaning more mods and performance.

This trailer has also given us more visuals surrounding the effects ands style that Criterion is going for. There’s plenty of cool graphics, colours, and solid comic book-style imaging around the driving, and I’m starting to warm to this. It has been confirmed that players can turn these off, with them being a modification you can apply to the car.

Need for Speed Unbound will be released December 2nd on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. It will come with 4k support and 60fps on all platforms, according to Criterion.

Alex Harrington

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