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New 2022 Honda Civic Si Teased Before Its Reveal Tomorrow

In April, Honda unveiled the 11th generation of its most popular and legendary hatchback, the Civic. The new Civic has been released with a slight overhaul of its exterior, but the majority of changes come in the form of the tech it keeps inside the cabin. Now, we’re waiting for a sportier Si version of the car, and Honda Japan has just given us a teaser before the big reveal.

The newest Civic Si will be revealed tomorrow, and we’ll find out how this new variation is more powerful. But we can see a few changes from the teaser photo alone. The rear end of the new model is shown with a red Si badge, darkened taillights, and an oval exhaust pipe installed into the lower bumper diffuser. A glossy black decorative strip dangles above the chrome tube.

It’s uncertain if the new Civic Si will use a new combustion engine, but it’s reasonable to assume that the previous-generation model’s 1.5-liter turbo inline-four unit will be retained. However, we can expect at least a modest increase in power over the outgoing Civic Si’s 205 horsepower (153 kilowatts) and 192 pound-feet (260 Newton-meters) of torque.

The new Civic Si will most likely be offered as a four-door sedan with a manual gearbox. Despite that, we know for certain that the new Civic Si will only be available as a sedan with a manual gearbox. Honda’s choice means you’ll be able to get both the Civic Hatchback and the Civic Sedan in a three-pedal setup, with the former being available in non-Si form with a turbo engine mated to a manual. The Civic Type R will, however, definitely have a clutch.

The new Civic Si will fill the gap between the regular models and the impending CTR. According to information leaked earlier this year, the 2022 Civic Si should be available at brand dealers near the end of this month. We’ll have more details on the warmer model tomorrow, so make sure you swing by GTN for the latest.

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